“it is good,I will kneel,As long as you don’t fire me,I can do anything。”
The supervisor can no longer care about so much,Protection is the most important。
Otherwise I won’t have this job,The house with the down payment,Because I have no money,Directly recycled。
Lin Yu saw the supervisor next to him kneel down,Helplessly shook his head,Didn’t say anything。
This way is his own choice,If he chooses to be with himself,The new manager is his。
If you don’t choose to be with yourself,Lin Yu doesn’t matter。
“Haha!!So cool,Kowtow to me again。”
The manager saw this,Laughed again。
Bang bang bang!!!Supervisor clenched his teeth,Constantly kowtow towards the underground。
“Not bad,You can get out。”
The manager sees himself cool,Lol。
Director heard this,I ran out of the office without a word。
Lin Yu and the manager are the only two left in the office at the moment。
The manager sees Lin Yu and looks at himself,Laughed:“how?
Is it too easy to just kneel down??
If so,I can add a bit of difficulty for you。”
I looked around after talking,See the office bathroom door is not closed。