When going home,Mom is already asleep。Yan Mo carefully helped him into his room,Put him on the bed,Then simply wiped his face,Covered with quilt。
I can finally sit down and rest for a while,She moved her arm,Hold your head with one hand,Leaning on the desk,Looking at him quietly。
This familiar face,I’m a little paler because of drunkenness。Yan Mo unconsciously reached out to touch,Drawing his eyebrows,Gently stretched his frowning brow。
The sky is getting bright,Yan Mo took a nap,The alarm clock rang untimely,Yan Mo was suddenly awakened,Lost sleep,Quickly turned off the alarm clock,Get up and check if Shen Siyan on the bed has been awakened。
He seems to sleep well,The messy shards are scattered in the forehead,Quiet and beautiful。
Yan Mo approached him unconsciously,Until his lips fell on his forehead,When touching him,Yan Mo felt the long-lost temperature,Let her sink。
“what are you doing?”There was a slight anger in his tone,The pupils are slowly shrinking,Staring at Yan Mo domineeringly。
Yan Mo heard this,Tremble,Get up flustered,Took a step back。
“I…I’ll make you hangover soup。”Talking,She slipped out of the room with a guilty conscience。
When Yan Mo came out of the kitchen with the hangover soup,Shen Siyan has already left her room,Nothing left,As if he had never been here…
Chapter Fourteen look backI
The hangover soup is still in Yan Mo’s hands,Facing an empty room,Let her stop。He just disappeared before my eyes,Just like his appearance yesterday,suddenly、At a loss。
He doesn’t even say hello,Just turned and left,Is it because he still hates her??
“let’s break up.I don’t want to see you again.Please roll as far as possible…”Yan Mo closed her eyes gently,What you said when breaking up,Still echoing in my ears,Every word not only hurts his heart,It stung herself。
The hangover soup was spilled by my trembling hands,The hot liquid runs along the back of the hand,Flowing down,Burned that inch of skin,Leave a red mark instantly,Bit by bit eroded my heart full of holes。
Numbness of the brain,Let Yan Mo feel no pain,When she notices it,The white hands have already been burned。