“Huang Xiaoding,Don’t inquire about some things in the base,So as not to cause unnecessary trouble。”
Just what Huang Xiaoding told him,Absolutely top secret,Although Qin Hao doesn’t know how Huang Xiaoding inquired,But there is no airtight wall。
Once this incident spreads,It’s not just that he will be in trouble,Even other people will be in trouble。
Huang Xiaoding nodded,The noise on the train interrupted the topic they were discussing.。
“It’s http://www.hackersha.cn all like this,Will be there in a few hours,”Huang Xiaoding said。
“Come here,Someone robbed,”There was a shout,Didn’t wait for Qin Hao to react。
A group of masked men came over here。
“Be honest with me,Otherwise, it’s like her,”The woman who yelled just now was stabbed by the http://www.guodalang.cn gangster,Fell in a pool of blood。
“Don’t worry,Wait until they all come,”Qin Hao said to Huang Xiaoding。
“Give me all the money,Otherwise, everyone will die,”The gangster speaks fiercely,The dagger in his hand flickered。
There are seven people,Obviously they are ready for robbery。
The passenger in front tremblingly took out all the money in his pocket,Put it in the plastic bag that the gangster stretched over。
“Put this in too,I want jewelry as long as it is valuable,Put the phone in。”
A sturdy man behind then said。
“Snapped,Do you dare to call,”The caller http://www.jhsfpx.cn shivered and put the phone directly into the plastic bag。