“Bamboo,What are you afraid of you??
Moreover,Many routes and cruise ships in this sea are their land.,Anyway, they are all making money.,I will mention it in the way.,He will agree。”
“Because he also wants to show the kind of romantic dazzling overbearing black!”
Director’s belly,Wear slippers to go to coffee。
Deputy Director always feels what this is something,But can’t say。
Lu Lanran came to the hotel,Let’s go find a scorpion,I met Song Jia Ding on the half road.。
I saw Song Jia Ding again again.,Lu Yuli’s eyes are very complicated。
He has already explained Du Xin,Don’t say that he is going to the hotel with Song Jia。
Despicion,But you can also guess something。
Song Jiandi and the second few less are only afraid that it will not be intimate as before.。
Because when I mentioned Song Jianda in the two days,That double black,Suddenly like distant winter snow,The inner stars are dark。
He just wants to know what happened.?
“Although,You came?”
Song Jiandi did not find Lu Yuliu’s strange。
Lu Qi suddenly understood,Song Jiaru did not actually care about him.。
Her understanding,That is, he will bear a lot for her.,Inclusive a lot of things。
Lu Yuli nodded faintly。
“Although,Have dinner together tonight.?
The director said that we can rest for three days.,I don’t have to shoot tomorrow.。”
Song Jia, smiled, shy invitation。
Lu Qiran suddenly remembered Xia Wei,Song Jia Ding will grasp this opportunity,Design him once。
He thought about it,Say:“A few days,I have something today.,My mother let me stay with Miss Yan.,You also know,We have two business days.。”
Song Jia Ding,Some doubts in the beauty,Face http://www.dealex.cn is difficult to look,But still smile:“Although,You don’t want to see her very much??”
Lu Qiran is very curious,Why do Song Jiandi know that her and her suffering,His look is similar to the time,It’s just a little bit of a little bit.,Nowadays this simple face,He suddenly felt that the other party was very correct,Even the smile is so deliberate gentle。
“Condolence,Who told you that,I don’t want to see the scorpion.?”
His voice is cold。
Song Jiandi’s smile gradually solidified,It feels that there is something different from before.。
First2211chapter 子
“Nothing,It is a feeling that you have more distraught between the two.。”
Song Jiali found a reason,This is also the way Lu Yuli and Zi Shu.。
Lu Yuli looked deeply at her,Her face is nervous.,Body tight,Also,He has forgotten the people called the http://www.ljrfkz.cn wind.。