“Your goods have problems。”
Young woman has a summer next to the summer,Scruples are next to men,Time to make tone to ease a bit,“I last bought a pair of shoes in your store.,Can not wear a few days,Feet break。And very uncomfortable。”
Guan mother’s face change,Hurry,“Ms. Zhang,Don’t worry,Come in。”
Young woman nodding,Just is more sinking your face.,Follow the gigmus into the store,Guan Xiaomi apologizes in the summer smile,I also followed。
Summer shink,Sink,Step into。
No matter what the gigutum is what it is.,But you can’t deny that the grace of the millet。
If there is a chance,He does not mind help。
This shop is not big,But the pattern is exquisite,Which ladies shoes are full,Besides,There is also one of the trendy women who are picked up.。
The appearance of the mother and others,Not causing attention,Inversely the summer appearance,Attracted a few。
after all,Here is a ladies shoe store,In addition to some couples,I rarely see a single man entering。
But this is nothing.,this age,People’s concept is http://www.planetflower.cn more open,Don’t say it is a ladies shoe store.,It is a ladies underwear shop that often can see the man’s figure.。
And at this time,Ms. Zhang said before,“Warm boss,Since last time, new goods,I bought two high heels in you.,But it is very uncomfortable to wear,And didn’t have a few days,My foot is broken.,How about this,I don’t ask you to compensate,You have retired the goods even if it is.。”
Ms. Zhang obviously turns back,Not like deliberately,But these words say it on the spot.,Guan mother’s face is more ugly。
Those who are picking up have stopped moving,Frowning,Among them, more than a few familiar opens are attached.。
“Yes, a ah,Last you your new goods,I also bought it.,Style is very tide,also very beautiful,Although I don’t have any reaction,But after wearing a few days,Feel uncomfortable。”
http://www.bellivip.cn “Warm boss,Your store reputation is always good,And the quality is also very good,Will not be upright。”
Such a saying,Those who have purchased,Will definitely give birth to a different kind of mind。
“Everyone misunderstood,I have been purchasing in the original manufacturer,And the last batch is still newly designed,I……”
Guan mother is in an urgency of tears,Like her store,The most important thing is credibility,In the fierce competition,Once destroy,Then wait for the closing.。
“Ms. Zhang,I think it is nothing to do with the shoes.。”
at this time,A touch of sound。
It is summer。
All around people,Look for a look,One eyebrows are condensed,The dissatisfaction is aversion to the silk。
Look from outside,Summer body,Darkly dark scorpion,The five senses on the face are also very resolute,Teeth,Two ods will appear shallow dimples。
For a while,Although his body appearance is not the type of fresh meat,But some people like。
Can run a big man into the women’s shoe store,Don’t understand,It’s disgusting。
Guanmang also casts dissatisfied eyes,She is ahead of,I didn’t expect that summer actually added chaos.。
And at this time,In the summer, he immediately looked at Ms. Zhang that requested return.,Laugh,“You said that I wore a few days.,Should not follow and foot behind your feet。”
Ms. Zhang, who is dissatisfied with the original color,A a few surprised faces,Very quickly,The next consciousness shook his head and want to deny,But don’t want to see several women in summer.。
“These ladies,Through what you said just now,I must be the familiar guest here.。”
Toned,He pointed to two,“I have also said that you have said it.,Although the feet have not broken,But wearing uncomfortable,If I guess the good words,It should be that the second joint of the foot will hurt.,And when walking,I feel very hard,Is it right?”
Two women named at the same time,Did not deny,But nodded。
Thus,Ms. Zhang, who was originally wanted to stop, also stopped the sound,Four-week customers are also very good。
Summer patted hands,Negant。