This moment,Shen Ruoxi’s heart was completely melted,Qin Liang immediately became the most perfect man in the world in her heart,If it wasn’t for the little princess,She really wanted to jump into Qin Liang’s wide*Go in my arms。
“Actually it’s not particularly bad。”
The little princess sits back on her seat,I slowly put another bite of food into my mouth,Did not see her chewing,I swallowed with difficulty。
Shen Ruoxi laughed with tears in her eyes。
“Little princess。You are really the kindest in the world I have ever seen,cutest,The most beautiful girl。”
Qin Liang praised from the heart,He didn’t expect,This weird,Naughty cute girl,It’s so empathetic,So cute and sensible。
“Let’s go out to eat,I treat。”
Shen Ruoxi said embarrassedly,And then reached out to wipe away the tears from his face。
“I want to eat McDonald’s!”
The little princess jumped up immediately。
“it is good,We go to McDonald’s。”
Shen Ruoxi immediately agreed without hesitation。
Bright morning sun,Through the large French windows,The smiling faces of three people in the living room……
Yang Shiyun is very unhappy these days。
She led the city bureau criminal police team and a large number of police,Inside and out of the robber’s lair,Seriously searched for several days,But did not find any valuable clues。
Even those gangsters killed by Qin Liang,And nothing can provide clues。