“Oh?Haha——I lied to the military,Don’t say that you can come out?”
Peng Changyi smiled,Jiang Fan used to do this trick,I didn’t expect to do this after becoming mayor,Just said:“I thought you really had a friend?”
“Who told you to get home from get off work so early?”
“I drank a lot of wine at noon,I’m still confused now。”
“Good good,Give you a gadget,As a compensation。”Talking,He opened the drawer,Take out a small plastic packaging bag from inside,Hand it to him。
Peng Changyi has a look,Surprised:“Pager?”He took it,Open the plastic bag,Say:“new?”
“of course,Can i give you the old one?”
“how much is it?”
“Don’t worry about money,You just use it。”
Peng Changyi can’t put it down。You know that a small pager,Is a status symbol。Back then, I bought a pager because I wanted to take care of it,Can’t buy with money。
Peng Changyi thought for a while and suddenly said:“Isn’t this a drinking hotline??”
“Made you guess,It will be convenient to find you in the future。”
“Ha ha——”Peng Changyi smiled。
Jiang Fan said:“in Beijing,This thing already exists,Is a small city like ours,Communication facilities can’t keep up,This year the government is going to increase investment and construction of communications infrastructure。now,No communication,Just like the dead city,No one is willing to invest。”
Peng Changyi tried to call himself,Just put down the phone,The beeper in my hand came clearbbthe sound of。
Jiang Fan said:“You can adjust it to vibration mode,So that no one else can hear。”
Peng Changyi really followed the instructions,Set the pager to vibration mode。
Jiang Fan said:“It is said that,Motorola is developing a pager with Chinese characters display function,You can leave a message to the owner,Then the owner can see。It will not take half a year,This kind will be eliminated。”