Reggie Miller hehe smiled,Don’t bother with this guy。
First562chapter Highlights
It’s different from what people expected.。
The Lakers took the lead from the start。
40Duncan and38Ginobili,I can’t stop Shen Huan at all。
Shen Huan put the entire Spurs under the basket,It’s so shocking。
End of the first quarter,The Lakers32:27Divided5Lead the Spurs。
Among them, Shen Huan’s score is only13Minute,But there are5Assists,In addition3Successful steals,He even grabbed one of Duncan’s ball。
The Spurs have no way to play offensively,On the defensive end,Under great pressure。
The only thing that is amazing,Or Duncan and Ginobili’s perseverance。
Even if she was elbowed five or six times by Shen Huan,Ginobili without a victory,Still always clinging to Shen Huan,Not hesitate to use3A foul to block Shen Huan’s attack。