“That’s great,Is there a suitable role for me??”Yang Kaixin blinked his eyes and asked。
“You can not。”Shen Huandao,“He wants to be2Take a good month,In theaters during the Spring Festival。And the filming of the whole movie should be abroad,You still here《Huan Zhu Ge Ge2》Where’s the crew,How is it possible to participate?”
“Like This~~”Yang Kaixin is not much lost,Means a little regret,“Unfortunately, I can’t join Director Zhang’s crew。”
“My eldest lady,You don’t need to get involved in any movies now,Just do a few quality roles seriously。”Shen Huan can’t laugh or cry,“You are now the famous Princess Ziwei in China,Those supporting roles or something,No longer suitable for your status……Ruru, do you think?”
Mu Ruru nodded repeatedly,“Among the favorite female stars of our classmates,Happy sister。”
Yang Kaixin has the most film and television resources。
Basically except for the most important、Apart from the heroine who depends on acting,She can get any role——The movie of Old Man Hao He,She has participated in several movies,You say bull is not bull?
Not to mention Zhang Huawei,As long as there is a suitable role for Yang Kaixin,I’m bound to ask her for a cameo。
Some only have one or two minutes of appearance,Some even just a few shots,She is always happy。
It can also be seen,The little princess just likes acting,As for what role,What’s your place in the film?,She doesn’t care。
Now I heard Shen Huan say this,Yang Kaixin can only stick out his tongue。