In addition to a few artists at the level of the queen of heaven,They are the hottest artists in the entertainment industry right now。
Wang Hongtao has been up and down in Mango Terrace for many years。
He naturally knows what kind of energy each company represents behind the two artists,For him, neither can offend,In this situation,I want to finish recording the show,It’s definitely a laborious thing。
I can only expect the three hosts to warm up the venue,Don’t have unexpected situations。
The staff behind the scenes put on headphones。
Camera ready。
Wang Hongtao’s loud voice rang in the ears of all the staff on site——
Happy Saturday recording countdown。
The lights on the stage are instantly lit,The music also rang,The three hosts sang to the applause of the audience《Happy saturday》’S exclusive opening repertoire is on stage。
“Hello everyone,I am the host Kang Yong。”
Music just ended,Kang Yong smiled and greeted the audience,Not at all the solemnity just behind the scenes,There is a pleasant smile on the corner of the mouth:“Nowadays,Is a happy saturday day。”
Zhang Na haha smiled:“Too good,Please come to the door and pay the gift money。”
Liuliu quickly stopped her:“Nah,Teacher Kang meant,The guests of our show today are enough to surprise the audience and friends。”
Waiting area in the background。
Liu Xin sighed:“The three hosts of Mango Channel,The match is really seamless,Just a few words lifted the atmosphere of the scene all at once。”
“Really great。”
Lu Ban smiled,“Maybe this is why Director Liang chose this show。”