The old Taoist looked at him suspiciously,Look up again at the white wolf on the top of the hill,I thought that the stone just now was not smashed by Gan Yifan, right??
“Wow,So many wolves,There is a white wolf above you,It is the wolf king,The old man beware of the wolf king attacking you。”
Wolf King is very uncooperative,Lie down,If it rolls its eyes, I guess it should roll its eyes now.。
And the old way was stunned for a while,Maybe I think Gan Yifan is too fake,A pack of wolves pierced around him,Gan Yifan was stunned by what he saw,Let me say that the white wolf on the top of the hill is the wolf king,Veteran,I haven’t encountered this before“real”Young people。
“Yunji Island is high and steep,The only cable bridge connecting Beishan,The island is covered by perennial cold fog,Inaccessible to ordinary people。The old way of cultivation is simple and simple,Supplemented with elixir for body protection,To get in and out,But hard to last。I heard that there is a mysterious ranger on the island who does not need any protection,Can come and go freely in the island,View young friends with beautiful eyes,Upright,Walk freely in the cold fog,Dare to ask if the little friend is the island ranger Gan Yifan?”
“You know me?”
“Long admiration。”
“But i don’t know you。”
“Little friends can call me like a Taoist。”
“Where is Rudao from?”
The old Taoist was taken aback,“The old way comes from Qinling Zhongnan Mountain。”
Gan Yifan turned around and left。
This action looks inexplicable to the old Taoist,But he had to try to stop Gan Yifan。
“Little friend……Little friend don’t go,The old way is not malicious,I came to visit Master Yu on the orders of my master,I just heard that Yunji Island is amazing,Will come here for a visit……”
“Who are you talking about?”Gan Yifan’s footsteps,“Who do you think Shishu Yu is??”