“In fact, the design of the provincial city is not bad.,Shi always likes,You can also go to the other side,We will continue to cooperate again?”Wang traffic blinks,Laugh。
Shi Rongle smiled,Euphemism:“First wait,This year’s open shop plan is full,First wait for this store to see the situation again,If the benefits are good,Then the store plan next year,I can consider going to the provincial city to open a family.。”
Old fox,The mouth is still very tight……Wang flows dark vomiting,I’m happy:“Row,Listen to the total,I believe the benefits of this store,It will not let you down。”
Said that it is over,Also:“Shi always coming,Just visit the new store??”
“of course not,Tell you about it,This is Tu Rui,After Nanhua this store,Just be responsible。”Shi Rongle pointed one person,Introduce the road。
Wang traffic sweeps his eyes,Nod:“Hello。”
“Wang Song!”Tu Rui rushed to respond。
Shi Rongle continues:“This,One is to investigate the store,The second is also to do the opening preparation,Our product procurement principle is to purchase local in the store,Have an opening,Also determined in advance to procurement channels。”
Said to sweep your blood,Ridicule:“after all,Wang Pu Jing,Ask us to do a good job,We have to work hard to cooperate?”
“Then I have to thank you.。”Wang Liu haha smiles,Atmosphere:“need some help,Standard,I must help。”
“Then I have to thank you Wang.。”Shi Rongle has a sample,Haha laughed。
Pony on the back of the chair,Long Shu,It is a dark night’s night.,Cut down slowly,oicqThe new version they finally made。
Not easy.!
Sneaky wrist,And the waist injury,Pony is relaxed,But think about it is more severe situation,He is always happy in his heart.。
Less than a month,The number of online people from the previous 500,000,I have fallen to now 40,000 left now.,Data from the beginning of the year,Do not exist at all。
Hard work hard for half a year,The performance suddenly returned to last year.,Said that it is a bit http://www.nseven.cnserious,But facingqqStrong competition,They are suffering that they will suffer.。
Zhang Zhidong did not go,New version is developed,He found it in the first time,Face tired,Emotional low:“Just watching your eyes,The number of online people has fallen below 400,000。”
Creating a new low……Pony followed by a sink,Town is set:“Don’t worry,The new version has been made,Waiting for tomorrow,Product function caught upqq,How can this time to stabilize your feet?。”
Said to say this,But the little horse,But what do you think or not?。
But also,Zhang Zhidong is the same as him,Hesitate,He is cautious:“Hope so,but……We released a new version,Tiansheng will not follow together this time?
If they are also updated new version,New features,That is in the product function,qqWill still lead than we,We want to steadily,I am afraid it is a bit difficult。”
This is what I am most worried.…http://www.art0372.cn …Pony lamented,And he has a kind,His concern is likely to come true。
Last time they just finished,qqI also launched a new version right away.,visible,Tiansheng is already alerting them.。
Now they have developed a new version,That day didn’t be reasonable for this time,Ten eight nine are also developing new version,Even if you don’t follow it,When they release it, I will follow it.,But how long should it be used?,Will be updated。
But even if he guessed, how can he??
I may still compete in it.,But if not released,Waiting for him can only die。
“do not care,Hard work version,I can’t keep it in my hand.,This release is still available,Forward……Listen to the day。”
“we can only do this。”Zhang Zhidong smiled a sentence。
oicqOfficially updated a new version。