Is it a beautiful woman as long as it is in the mobile phone?,Basically I know。
See the scribe,Wanhong is also very happy。
But I thought about it.,She still gave the live broadcast to Ye Double。
After all, Liu Xian sweet and Li Mei are just familiar with,Live exposed face this kind of thing she doesn’t matter,But don’t necessarily。
Soon with the rush of the leaves,Several people are also drinking around the front of the fire,Eat a barbecue。
Although it is full in the hotel,But everyone gathers together,Under the stimulation of alcohol,I feel how much can I eat?。
Willow sweet, I still want to have good things tonight.,Seeing everyone playing more joy,She can’t bear to destroy the atmosphere。
I immediately played for a while,I thought about it.,Li Hui Feng said that he wants to ride a motorcycle to send the other party back.。
But it is directly to give the car key directly.,Let Liu Xiangxiang drive back,Also rest assured。
As a result,Finally, I think about the opportunity to gather together with Li.,It was also interrupted by Wanhong.。
This makes the willow sweet heart.。
Li Hui also felt the heart of Liu Xu,Just so many people present,He can’t say more?。
When you send the willow sweet to the side of the side,Liu Xu is when someone else didn’t see it.,Directly picked up the foot and kissed Li with the wind,I drown directly into the car.。
And Li Hui felt the sweet taste,Some of the heart is also。
When I came back again.,Everyone is playing more happy。
The audience in the live broadcast also reached the horror。
Especially Li Mei is in the face of everyone, I have to marry Lu Changsheng.,Then I personally gave the land for a hot kiss.,Thoroughly opened the words of everyone。
Continued until three in the morning,End of activities。
Li Mei was held by Lu Changsheng,Ye Shuangzhou is carrying a willow sweet,Wanhong,Li Hui Feng is helping each other。
Returning to the yard,Do you still want to sleep?,Laughing and looked at Li Hui。
“breeze,Are you a lot of girlfriends??”
“Red sister,you’re drunk,These problems are not a problem, it is not good.?”
“hehe,breeze,Do you know what kind of man who is most hated by Hongjie??”
May be the reason for drinking wine,There is no previous kind of respect for Li Huifeng before the words of the talents.。
After all, when Li Hui, who took her to escape.,Exhibited strength,Let her be afraid。
“Red sister,You said,I listen.!”
Wanthong deeply looked at Li Hui:“Is a man on two boats,For example, you like this,The woman who saved before, I like it very much.?
You also like this willow sweetness.?
You said who you arrived.?
Any one will hurt another。”
“Although you are amazing,There is something,But please don’t play people feelings.,That willow sweet is to look at you is the type of death.,If you live up to people,Maybe people will take extremes。”
Say this,Don’t say anything directly,Instead, I will sleep directly.。
Li Hui’s words heard that there is still a bitterness.。
Immediately helps to give the other party to take off the shoes,Then cover the other side with a thin blanket,Then I retired out.。
the next day,Wanhong is sleeping directly in Li with the wind here to get twice.。